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Protect Organic Mushroom Blend with 1500MG Functional Mushrooms

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10 of our favorite functional mushrooms make up this high dose (1500 mg) blend for immunity and cognitive support. This caffeine-free blend will turn your morning coffee or smoothie into a one-stop wellness ritual.

  • Daily immune support
  • Mental performance
  • Brain health and memory

Add 1 scoop to your coffee, tea or smoothie. Try in soup too!

Organic Wildcrafted Chaga,
Organic Log-Grown Reishi,
Organic Cordyceps,
Organic Log-Grown Lion’s Mane,
Organic Shiitake,
Organic Maitake,
Organic Enoki,
Organic Agaricus,
Organic Meshima,
Organic Tremella,
Organic Rose Hips


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