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Dive into a world where nature harmoniously intertwines with human creativity.

Earth + Plant offers monthly events that combine health and environmental consciousness with hands-on creativity. From non-toxic candle making and immersive sound baths to kids' eco-crafting sessions, there's something for everyone.

Our lineup is ever-evolving, so keep checking back for fresh experiences. If you have an event idea or wish to host a private gathering, reach out to Kelly at kelly@earthandplant.com. Dive in and discover events that rejuvenate both the spirit and the mind.

  • Summer Solstice Full Moon Twilight Sound Bath

    June 20th @ 7 pm

    Celebrate the summer solstice and June Strawberry full moon with a transformative experience of soothing sounds and intention setting. Immerse yourself in harmonic frequencies from crystal singing bowls, chimes, and other instruments. This is a time to savor life's sweetness, connect with love and abundance, and express compassion. Close your eyes, release tension, and align with nature's rhythms. Set your intentions under the moon's radiant glow to manifest your desires. Embrace summer's warmth and light in this sacred gathering to nourish your soul and illuminate your path.


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