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Empowered Eating: Uncover the Secrets of Food Labels Workshop with Tasha Rosales, NBC-HWC

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When: Thursday, February 8th @ 6:30 pm 
Where: earth+plant in Folsom - 411 Blue Ravine Rd #300
*Limited spots available. Book quickly to secure spot.

Are you eating “healthy” but not seeing results? Take your power back from the food industry and start leading a healthier lifestyle without all the overwhelm. No matter how you choose to fuel your body or what lifestyle “diet” you choose, you MUST learn how to read food labels. 

Tasha Rosales, NBC-HWC, (@wellness.homeade) will lead you through this workshop where you'll: 

  • Understand Food Labels: Learn to read and interpret food labels accurately.
  • Identify Hidden Ingredients: Discover how to spot hidden harmful ingredients.
  • Clean Eating for Autoimmune Support: Understand how clean eating can alleviate autoimmune symptoms.
  • Make Healthier Choices: Gain the skills to choose products that align with your wellness goals.
  • Personal Empowerment: Feel confident in your ability to make informed dietary decisions.

If you're dedicated to improving your health and vitality without sacrificing your favorite foods, this workshop is for you. 

Join now and start your path towards a healthier you with clean eating and informed choices.


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