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Chakra Balancing Reiki Healing Experience

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When: Thursday March 28th @ 6:30 pm
Where: earth+plant - 411 Blue Ravine Rd. #300, Folsom CA 95630

Join us for a restorative and rejuvenating evening in a supportive, sacred space while balancing your chakra system with reiki healing and meditation. Katarina, a certified Reiki Master and the owner of Sacred Mountain Energy Healing, will assist you through a fundamental understanding of your chakra system and each chakra's functionality. We will then deep dive into a relaxing guided group healing meditation with breathwork and focused intention to experience the subtle sensations of aligning each of your main 7 chakra energy centers. Reiki healing will be sent at a distance to both the individual and the group collectively.

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that uses “chi” or life-force energy to help balance the energetic body. This energy has been known to improve overall health and well-being physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Some may experience dream-like intuitive visions, visions of swirling colors, temperature fluctuations, tingling, pressure/release sensations, and the delightful feeling of energetic movement.

Some client success stories with Reiki healing:
- De-stress
- Depression/ Anxiety Relief
- Immune System Boost
- Enhanced Intuitive Senses
- Pain Relief
- Emotional Balance
- Ability to Feel More Joyful
- Peaceful Sleep
- Increased Energy & Vitality

Prepare yourself with an open mind and open heart willing to receive and accept what is meant for you. The reiki experience is meditative, grounding, and soothing yet transformative. Every experience is unique to the individual... So come see for yourself what the magical transformation of reiki healing can do for you!

Please bring a blanket, pillow, and yoga mat to feel extra relaxed and comfy. An eye pillow may be helpful for enhanced visualization. You are welcome to bring a journal to jot down some fresh memories of your experience. Your favorite crystals would love to be with you during your reiki session and Katarina can charge them with reiki upon request.

About Katarina
Katarina Gomez is a Shamanic Reiki Master, an Egyptian Shamanic Practitioner, and the owner of Sacred Mountain Energy Healing. She offers private appointments for energy healing, reiki classes, mini-classes in her online Facebook community, a variety of mystical oil blends and aura sprays, and home energetic cleansings/blessings. After experiencing a profound and spontaneous spiritual initiation in 2016 which propelled her into her personal healing journey, she was later guided to start assisting others in their own path towards self-discovery and self-compassion. As a local Realtor, she blends both the physical and the spiritual worlds in her daily work with clients, the land, and the Earth in service and gratitude to the divine.


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